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Why Do We Need New Business Models

Mike Flache as a guest on Timothy Hughes podcast TimTalk

Mike Flache
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This week I was a guest on the Timothy Hughes podcast #TimTalk. In our 20-minute live cast, we explored the question of why we need new business models.

The development of new business models is not only an essential task for young companies; it is also an important consideration for established companies. The latter are not only able to open up new markets or attract investors but also to cushion future challenges and anticipate trends.

In addition, I see business models as a good way to give employees a better understanding of the future of the company. It is all the more important for company leaders today to pick up the younger generations pouring into the job market and offer them attractive prospects.

The recent developments of this decade and the associated impact of the poly-crisis make it clear that we can no longer regard business models as “static” and set in stone.

Mike Flache as guest at Timothy Hughes's podcast – why do we need new business models

You will find the podcast recording here.

One more thing

The complex topic of the business model can certainly not be depicted in a casual 20-minute dialogue.

I meet with people outside of my network virtually twice a month to share insights into digital growth. If you are interested, you can find more information here.

Have a good weekend!

Mike Flache
Mike Flache

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