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Helping Leverage the Opportunities of Digital Growth

Every year I’m available for a select number of speaking engagements around the world. My goal is to engage the audience with the opportunities for digital growth — to provide tangible experiences from the international environment that your guests can incorporate into their business aspirations.

Mobile World Congress
Hannover Messe
CES Las Vegas
Huawei Connect 2018
Get in the Ring Foundation
Digital Enterprise Show

Sharing insights worldwide — virtually or in person

With over two decades of experience, I address a diverse audience, from college students and young professionals to aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners to C-Suite executives.

Public and corporate events

My activities include appearances at conferences, summits, and (virtual) corporate events worldwide, such as Mobile World Congress, Digital Transformation Summit, Trust in Tech Symposium, Digital Asia, Digital Enterprise Show, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover, and the Ministry of Economics.

Business schools and universities

I also collaborate with business schools and universities as a guest lecturer. These included the Harbin Institute of Technology, the University of Hohenheim, and Singapore University of Social Sciences. Key topics are digital growth, digital transformation, leadership, and tech for good.

Global key opinion leaders share their insights on digital transformation
Get-together of global thought leaders. From left to right: Prof. Kevin Curran, Ronald van Loon, Victoria Taylor, Thomas Power, James Macca Macdonald, Host Walter Jennings, Elise Quevedo, Dr. Karl Smith, Mike Flache, Thomas Gere, Ian Calvert, and Diana Adams

Selected appearances

ASCEND 910 AI product launch London, UK
School of Management and Economics Shenzhen, China
Huawei Connect Shanghai, China
Singapore University of Social Sciences Singapore
SBO Singapore Business Owners Singapore
Daimler think! tank Stuttgart, Germany
Huawei eco-Connect Europe Paris, France
Mankenberg German Sales Meeting Lubeck, Germany
Trust in Tech Symposium London, UK
Digital Transformation Summit Belfast, Northern Ireland
AS-Schneider Group Global Sales Meeting Nordheim, Germany
5G Bring New Value London, UK
Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Spain
University of Hohenheim Stuttgart, Germany
Digital Enterprise Show Madrid, Spain
Responsible Business Summit Europe London, UK
ESG Investment Summit Europe London, UK
Fifteen Seconds Festival Graz, Austria
AWS re:Invent Las Vegas, USA

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Engati CX Show: a talk about crises and their opportunities and how to find and use them
Mike Flache and Antonio Grasso, CEO of DBI talk about growth opportunities driven by digital transformation
A conversation about digital transformation and Industry 4.0 with Antonio Grasso, B2B tech influencer and CEO of DBI
Mike Flache shares insights during a TV and media interview at the 5G bring New Value event, London
5G and its digital growth potential for all industries – explanation of the key findings during a media interview
Ronald van Loon and Mike Flache discuss the potential of AI to drive digital growth
After the panel discussion with analytics and big data expert Ronald van Loon on the potential of data-driven growth strategies for medium-sized and large companies
Discovering the latest artificial intelligence trends and digital growth opportunities
Expert group on artificial intelligence. From left to right: Will Townsend, Ronald van Loon, Toby Shapshak, Host FAN Di, Nuttapong Namsirikul (Mr. Pop), Mike Flache, and Alain Regnier
Elise Quevedo, Jean-Baptiste Su, and Mike Flache discuss the challenges of digital growth and cybersecurity
The challenges of digital growth and cybersecurity – a dialog with social media expert Elise Quevedo and analyst Jean-Baptiste Su (American Tech TV)

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Professor Sally Eaves, AI & IOT Expert Ronald Van Loon, and Tech Evangelist and Angel Investor Mike Flache share their views on 5G products and solutions
Mike Flache – What industry experts say, MWC 2018
Mobile World Congress campaign “What Industry Experts Say”
Mike Flache during a panel discussion with media coverage at the Trust in Tech Symposium, London
Panel discussion with media coverage at the Trust in Tech Symposium
Mike Flache at the 5G Bring New Value event at the Dorchester, London
5G Bring New Value – product and solution launch at the Dorchester Hotel, London
Bernard Marr and Mike Flache after the discussion about strategy and leadership in the digital age
Leadership in the digital age — in dialogue with futurist and bestselling author Bernard Marr
Interview about Tech4Good – Mike Flache and Marta Ortin (DIVE-Medical)
Interview on the topic "Tech For Good" with Marta Ortín, lead engineer and co-founder of DIVE-Medical

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German interview series by division one, member of the worldwide ENEX group, about digital transformation, leadership, and mindset

Unlocking digital growth opportunities for innovators

As a mentor and jury member, I help innovators unlock digital growth opportunities. A notable event is Get in the Ring. The competition challenges startups around the world to “get in the ring.” Over 150 startups make it to the world finals. A panel of experienced entrepreneurs and investors then assesses their business models and award the best ideas.

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