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I’m Mike Flache — an entrepreneur, business angel, and philanthropist. Onalytica’s analysts named me one of the top-10 global thought leaders in digital transformation. Together with talented teams, I drive digital growth in business and philanthropy. Let me introduce some of my activities.


Under the roof of Flache International, I spend my time helping build high-tech startups in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia. As a recognized thought leader, I collaborate with Fortune 500 companies, innovators, and technology vendors. I’m also the creator of the Digital Growth Program. Onalytica’s analysts named me one of the top-10 global thought leaders in the field of digital transformation. As a member of the Global Business Leaders Institute, the Human Capital Network, the Asia CEO Community, and the Della Leaders Club, I bring my experience to companies and organizations.

Business angel

In the startup world, I support the founders and teams of over 15 high-tech innovators across the globe. The main focus is on business models in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain, and AR/VR, such as Fundment, Baqend, Codetrails, Ctrlflow, Hiprocall, and Tecflower, to name a few. With Fundment, we’re currently working hard to build one of the next billion-dollar businesses in financial technology. I’m also a partner of venture capital and private equity companies, such as V/G Ventures Switzerland, and a mentor and jury member of the Get in the Ring Foundation.

To enable digital growth in order to create sustainable added value for people, businesses, and the environment.
— Mike's Why Statement

Sparring partner

I share my experience with some of the world’s most renowned organizations. Over the years, I’ve worked with executives of companies such as the Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Google, Huawei Technologies, and Mercedes-Benz. I also serve on various advisory boards around the world. With the AS-Schneider Group, Mankenberg, and IHSE, I’ve guided family businesses from traditional industries on their way into the digital world. Together we’ve opened up international markets as well as new sales channels and sources of revenue. As a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs, I pass on my lessons learned to the next generation of business leaders.


Every year I’m available for a selected number of speaking engagements around the world. I provide tangible experiences that audiences can incorporate into their professional aspirations. My activities include appearances at conferences, summits, and corporate events, such as Mobile World Congress, Digital Transformation Summit, Digital Asia, Digital Enterprise Show, and the Ministry of Economics, to name a few. I also give guest lectures on growth, digital transformation, tech for good, and leadership at business schools and universities, such as the Harbin Institute of Technology and the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Mike has worked with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, innovators, and technology vendors

BMC Software
Mercedes-Benz Cars
Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Huawei Technologies
Hewlett Packard Enterprise


After surviving the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, I began to reflect on my personal and professional life. With, I’ve created the foundation to expand my entrepreneurial activities with social and sustainable projects. Since then, I’ve supported various causes and organizations. Today I’m a collaboration partner of the Ethical Corporation and share my key takeaways on how companies can create a positive impact by leveraging their digital growth opportunities. I’m also the co-founder of Safe Water Gardens. The Singapore-based social enterprise tackles the global sanitation crisis.


On my way to becoming an entrepreneur, business angel, and philanthropist, I had to face and solve many challenges — be it the abrupt end of my professional sports career as a teenager, the survival of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004, or the separation from loved ones of my family. Whether in business or life, each of these experiences has been an invaluable lesson and has made me grow. That’s why I started writing my book Rising Up Again – Master Life’s Biggest Challenges and Create Your Fulfilling Second Half of Life. Following this motto, I share my insights and approach with other people.

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Mike on technology, digital business, and philanthropy

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