About Mike

I am an entrepreneur, angel investor, and advisor. Together with talented teams, I build digital businesses worldwide. As a recognized thought leader, I collaborate with Fortune 500 companies, innovators, and institutions. The analysts of Onalytica named me as one of the top-10 global influencers in the field of digital transformation.

Business Activities

I am involved…

  • in 15+ high-tech startups based in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia, including disruptive business models in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, SaaS, and financial technology, such as Fundment
  • as a recognized thought leader for Fortune 500 companies, innovators, and institutions, such as Huawei Technologies and the Silicon Valley Innovation Center
  • as an advisor to companies from traditional industries to help them master digital growth, such as AS-Schneider Group
  • as a speaker and panelist on digital growth topics at conferences and corporate events around the world
  • as the initiator of the “Digital Growth Sessions”, a mastermind group for CEOs and executives

Enabling Digital Growth Together

I believe in collaboration based on mutual respect and shared values to create sustainable added value for people, businesses and the environment.
From left to right, Elise Quevedo (UK), James "Skydive" Macca (UK), Shaan Haider (Middle East), Mike Flache, Diana Adams (USA), Vladimir Vulic (Montenegro)
These global key opinion leaders are shaping the future of digital business. From left to right, Elise Quevedo (UK), James 'Macca' Macdonald (UK), Shaan Haider (Middle East), Diana Adams (USA), Vladimir Vulic (Montenegro)
Mike Flache meets Fundment CEO Ola Abdul
Fundment CEO Ola Abdul and his team are promoting the next generation of financial consulting
Tim-Frederik Kohler with Mike Flache
Global CSO Tim-Frederik Kohler from Singapore is connecting different worlds – analog with digital, east with west, and traditional industries with modern high-tech businesses
Right attitude Lessons learned Brains over muscle
Team meeting with Deniz Parin and Marcel Lacroze
The startup founders Deniz Parin and Marcel Lacroze are working towards their vision of digitally redefining property management

Recognitions & Membership

  • Jury Member, Get in the Ring Foundation
  • Member of the Global Business Leaders Institute
  • Expert Group Supervisory Boards and Advisory Boards in Germany