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About Mike

Mike Flache is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Together with talented teams, he builds digital businesses worldwide. The analysts of Onalytica voted him as one of the top-10 global influencers in the field of digital transformation.


Under the roof of Flache International, Mike is involved in more than 30 projects in various industries and markets. He spends much of his time helping build high-tech startups in Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia. As a recognized thought leader, Mike collaborates with Fortune 500 companies, innovators and technology vendors. He is also the creator of the Digital Growth Series. The analysts of Onalytica voted him as one of the top-10 global influencers in the field of digital transformation. Mike is a member of the Global Business Leaders Institute and various digital advisory boards worldwide.

Angel investor

Mike supports the founders and their teams from over 16 high-tech startups across the globe. The focus is on disruptive business models in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the Internet of things (IoT), SaaS, and financial technology, such as Fundment, Codetrails and DIY Heat. Mike is also a partner of venture capital and private equity companies, such as V/G Ventures Switzerland. As a mentor and jury member of the Get in the Ring Foundation, he helps innovators unlock digital growth opportunities.

To enable digital growth in order to create sustainable added value for people, businesses and the environment.

Mission Statement


Mike advises and coaches entrepreneurs and boards of directors of the world’s most renowned organizations. He has worked with executives of companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Huawei Technologies, and the Silicon Valley Innovation Center. Mike also collaborates with business schools and universities as guest lecturer on growth and digital transformation, such as the Harbin Institute of Technology, the University of Hohenheim and the Singapore University of Social Sciences. With the Digital Growth Series, Mike started passing on his experience and knowledge to business leaders and the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Mike shares insights into digital growth through keynotes, panels, sessions, and events. He inspires his audience with real-world examples that are driven by technology, innovation, digital transformation, and investment. Mike’s activities include appearances at conferences, summits and corporate events around the globe, such as Mobile World Congress, Digital Transformation Summit, Trust in Tech Symposium, Digital Asia, Huawei Connect and Eco-Connect Europe, Digital Enterprise Show, Responsible Business Summit Europe, ESG Investment Summit, Fifteen Seconds Festival, 5G Bring New Value, the Ministry of Economics, and Daimler think! Tank.

Mike has worked with executives of Fortune 500 companies, innovators and technology vendors

BMC Software
Mercedes-Benz Cars
Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Huawei Technologies
AS Schneider Group


Mike is not fulfilled by business alone. Since he survived the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, he has expanded his entrepreneurial activities to include social and sustainability projects. Over the years, Mike has supported various causes and nonprofit organizations. He is currently setting up the Flache Foundation. Mike is also a collaboration partner of the Ethical Corporation. One of his recent projects is “Safe Water Gardens”, a Singapore-based NGO that tackles the global sanitation crisis. The organization’s vision is to provide a safe and affordable sanitation system for every home in rural areas.


In his life Mike had to face and solve many drastic challenges – be it the abrupt end of his professional sports career as a teenager, the survival of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 or the separation from loved ones of his family. Whether in business or in life, each of these profound life experiences was an invaluable lesson and has made him grow stronger. Following the motto “Rising Up Again – Successfully Master Life’s Greatest Challenges and Find Your Way Back to Happiness”, Mike shares his story, insights, approach, and wisdom with other people.

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