Together with great teams, I build digital business around the globe. On this blog, I share insights from my work as a business angel, investor, and mentor.

Business Activities

I’m involved…

  • in 15+ high-tech startups based in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia, including disruptive business models in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, SaaS, and financial technology such as Fundment
  • as a partner of VCs, institutional investors, and innovation hubs such as Gold Ventures International
  • as a thought leader for global brands and Fortune 500 companies such as Huawei Technologies
  • as an advisor to companies from traditional industries within the scope of their digitalization initiatives, such as AS-Schneider Group
Digital Transformation Global Key Opinion Leaders

Get-together of global key opinion leaders at Huawei Mobile World Congress 2018 Prebrief in London
From left to right, Prof. Kevin Curran, Ronald van Loon, Victoria Taylor, Thomas Power, James Macca Macdonald, Host Walter Jennings, Elise Quevedo, Dr. Karl Smith, Mike Flache, Thomas Gere, Ian Calvert, and Diana Adams

Recognitions & Membership

  • Global Top 5 Angel Investor to Follow (Evan Carmichael)
  • Global Top 10 Influencer Digital Transformation (Onalytica)
  • Global Top 30 Influencer Industrial Internet of Things IIoT (Right Relevance)
  • Member of the Global Business Leaders Institute
  • Expert Group Supervisory Boards and Advisory Boards in Germany

Personal Projects

  • Driven by passion, I create limited design objects that are characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.
  • Out of conviction, I support the social project “Safe Water Gardens” that was brought to life by a coalition of educators, concerned citizens, and business partners. Our vision is to build 1 million gardens to provide households in rural tropical areas throughout Asia with safe, affordable water and sanitation systems.

Social Media


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