Mike Flache

Enabling digital growth to create sustainable added value for people, businesses and the environment.

Mission Statement

I am an entrepreneur, angel investor, keynote speaker, and advisor to Fortune 500 companies. Together with talented teams, I build digital businesses worldwide. I believe in emerging technologies, mutual appreciation and value diversity to accelerate digital growth and develop the successful companies of tomorrow.

I spend much of my time helping build high-tech startups in Silicon Valley, Europe and Asia. In addition to my involvement in the startup sector, I serve as an advisor to companies from traditional industries to help them master digital growth.

Mike has worked with founders and executives of companies around the world such as

BMC Software
Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Huawei Technologies
Mercedes-Benz Cars

Notable business activities

  • Involved in 15+ high-tech startups, including disruptive business models in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, SaaS, and financial technology, such as Fundment and Codetrails
  • Partner of venture capital and private equity firms, such as V/G Ventures Switzerland
  • Recognized thought leader for Fortune 500 companies, innovators and institutions, such as BMC Software, Huawei Technologies and the Silicon Valley Innovation Center
  • Speaker and panelist on digital growth topics at corporate events and conferences, such as Mobile World Congress, Digital Asia and Eco-Connect Europe
  • Creator of the Digital Growth Sessions, a seminar series about becoming an agile, high-growth company

Notable recognitions

Notable membership

  • Member of the Global Business Leaders Institute
  • Jury Member, Get in the Ring Foundation
  • Expert Group Supervisory Boards and Advisory Boards
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Tech for good

Striving for positive change

Since I survived the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, I have expanded my entrepreneurial activities to include social and sustainability projects. Most recently, I co-founded “Safe Water Gardens”, a nonprofit organization based in Singapore that uses digitalization to tackle the global sanitation crisis.

Tech for good

Striving for positive change

Hand watering young plant