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From Digital Growth to Personal Growth

Whether founders, entrepreneurs, managers, or employees — we all face small and big challenges every day. How we mentally deal with these issues determines our actions.

Rising Up Again – A Book by Mike Flache

Rising Up Again

“Never give up, no matter how hard life gets”

Extraordinary people, like extraordinary companies, keep evolving. This commitment is invaluable.

Rising Up Again is a book for anyone who wants to master life’s biggest challenges and create a fulfilling second half of life.

The book is currently in the works.

Create your fulfilling second half of life

How do you successfully master life’s biggest challenges? You need a whole new mindset and skill set. Based on the lessons of my blows of fate, I reveal the process of how to survive a personal crisis and make the most of it with my Triple-A approach.


Face your challenges and take responsibility


Create your new vision and roadmap for implementation


Invest the existing resources in yourself and redesign your life

Get inspired by real life

Gain a new perspective on overcoming challenges. Key categories are leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development.

Featured in international media

Silicon Valley Innovation Center
MilliOnAir Magazine

About the author

On my way, I had to face and solve many challenges — be it the abrupt end of my professional sports career as a teenager, surviving the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004, or the separation from loved ones of my family.

Whether in business or life, each of these experiences has been an invaluable lesson and has made me grow. In some articles and in my book, I share essential insights.

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