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How CEOs and executives grow and scale the company’s business in the digital world

Interview: Growth Strategies Amidst Digital Disruption

How does an organization strike the balance between “business-as-usual” and disruptive new initiatives? There are no easy answers, especially for legacy businesses with well-established customer
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Engaged employees do meaningful work and have a clear understanding of how they contribute to the mission of the company

Business Growth: How to Boost Employee Engagement

Hubstaff, an US-based software company that provides staff monitoring through time tracking software, asked me the following question: How would you recommend an organization use
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In a Good Business Environment Everyone Wins

I meet many founders and entrepreneurs who are passionately transforming their visions into concrete actions. I am always interested in the people behind the success
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have the potential to reshape enterprises

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Can Create New Dimensions of Value Creation

Savantis Solutions, an US- and India-based SAP Gold Partner who enables enterprises in transforming digitally, asked 28 experts worldwide for their opinion: How does artificial intelligence
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the perfect time to take a look at the Digital 2018

Personal Summer Greetings 2018

Europe is still spending the rest of the summer break under a beach umbrella. This is the perfect time to take a look at the
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Sales and marketing will continue to change drastically

GDPR: Finally Some Peace For Sales And Marketing. Or Not?

The GDPR reporting over the last few weeks reminded me a little bit of the movie “2012” by Roland Emmerich. Thank God … … Europe
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Make your daily business more agile and focus on value creation

One of the Greatest Difficulties in Driving Digital Growth

One of the greatest difficulties in driving digital growth is consistency. Your daily business must be geared towards digital growth for the long term. This
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Global key opinion leaders at Huawei's pre briefing in London

How Huawei Goes Beyond the Boundaries to Shape a Better Future

A few hours ago, this year’s Mobile World Congress 2018 opened its doors in Barcelona. The world’s largest trade fair for the mobile industry will
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Digital transformation initiatives should offer a real benefit for customers

The Top 5 Trends for Digital Transformation in 2018

The digital transformation of companies and their business models is moving along, and it will continue to progress in 2018. For companies operating in the
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Implement tasks faster to advance the digital transformation

Digital Transformation: Do More and Do it Faster

More than any other region in our business world, Silicon Valley is synonymous with one thing: S P E E D ! It is an integral component of every business
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Keep the best talents – they need to be empowered, not controlled.

Ask Your Employees to Disrupt the Company

What is the best way to promote digital innovation in industrial companies? I have been hearing this question a lot recently; often enough, in fact,
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New leadership practice for c-level executives in the digital age

A Thought on Modern Leadership in the Digital Age

How can we take a modern approach to team leadership in our digital age? I discussed this question with Prof. Christopher Stehr and Hannes Goth
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Machine learning can offer genuine value to software development teams

How Machine Learning Can Improve Software Development Itself

One topic will doubtlessly be among the leading trends of 2017: machine learning. The idea behind it is not news in and of itself. But
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Augmented reality – digital transformation in industrial manufacturing

5 Key Factors to Digitalize SMEs in the Manufacturing Industry the Smart Way

In companies of the manufacturing industry, digitalization can be encountered in many areas: In production, administration, and field service. One might think that digitalization has
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German managers are still struggling with Digital Transformation

What’s Going on with German Managers in the Digital Era?

The way in which certain German managers try to handle the digitalization makes me wonder. From the perspective of their businesses, on the one hand.
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