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Marc Hammer interviews Mike Flache about digital transformation and the mindset shift for CEOs and executives

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of talking to Marc Hammer from division one about digital transformation. In the digital world, creating business value works completely differently. This poses major challenges for CEOs and executives.

The interview was about …

  • Digital mindset
  • Culture and business transformation
  • Executives and leadership

I look forward to sharing individual parts of the interview with you in the coming days.

PS: Many thanks to Sarah Neitzel and Ina Moser for your support. You did a great job.

Mike Flache

Mike Flache

Mike Flache is an entrepreneur, business angel and philanthropist. Together with talented teams, he builds digital businesses worldwide. The analysts of Onalytica voted him as one of the top-10 global influencers in the field of digital transformation.

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