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Why Sharing Experiences Is Invaluable

Digital Growth Sessions with Mike Flache at The Savoy Hotel, London

Start the day by sharing knowledge with other people. From my own experience, I know how valuable the insight of an outside expert can be, especially when you go through difficult business phases.

Building and scaling a digital business profitably is a long process full of highs and lows. Over 80% of businesses fail.

This situation can be frustrating for entrepreneurs, business owners and executives. There is often a lack of time and money to continue on the trial and error principle.

When your business fails to meet its digital growth and revenue targets, many questions arise. And these often have to be answered quickly.

To actually get ahead, avoid generic solutions. Instead, seek an exchange with trusted network partners. Learn from their experience, including invaluable lessons from failures and big wins.

Wish you a successful day!

Hello, I’m Mike Flache — an entrepreneur, business angel, and philanthropist. Together with talented teams, I build and transform digital businesses worldwide. On my website, you’ll find insights and stories involving digital growth. I also write a weekly CEO letter that is read by entrepreneurs and business leaders, including Fortune 500 CEOs.