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Turning Challenges into Opportunities

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This week I had numerous phone calls with CEOs and executives once again. It is particularly interesting to see how business leaders deal with the current situation. From my perspective, there are three groups that characterize their behavior:

  1. Paralyzed leaders who are in a state of shock
  2. Waiting leaders who don’t want a decision
  3. Leaders who see an opportunity in the crisis

Certainly each of these three groups has its justification. Nevertheless, as business leaders, we will not be able to solve the challenges with our teams with a crippling or waiting stance. On the contrary, because without active action, the mountain of problems will grow.

Even if it is sometimes difficult, there are great opportunities in every crisis. It is important to recognize them. It reminds me of my own experiences when I survived the 2004 tsunami in Asia. Even then, the situation seemed hopeless… but with the focus on a possible solution and collaborating with other people, we finally reached the saving airport after several days of unimaginable exertion.

It’s up to us… because where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Cover image: Tim Marshall on Unsplash

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