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Trusted Advisor Dialogue Enabling Digital Growth

Gain clarity about the most important digital growth and value drivers for your B2B business. Mike Flache is available for a select number of engagements per year.

Mike Flache

Dear Decision-Maker,

Whether it is a traditional company or a startup, a medium-sized company or a large corporation — sustainably driving forward digital growth is a demanding task, especially in uncertain times and volatile markets.

As decision-makers, we both know how important clarity is in such situations. On the one hand for ourselves. On the other hand for the teams, we work with.

To do this, we often have to answer a variety of questions for ourselves, such as:

  • How can we quickly create value with investments in digital transformation?
  • What additional digital revenue sources can we tap into with existing products and services?
  • How do we attract the best talent by becoming a digital-savvy organization?
  • How do we involve teams in the necessary change process, even if they oppose it?
  • What influence do global trends have on our growth and business model?

Sometimes the valuable food for thought can only come from outside. At least that is my experience of the last two decades at international level.

I have learned to appreciate the sparring partner on an equal footing with whom you can develop viable solutions and plan their implementation.

If you think similarly and want to gain clarity on your topics and goals for digital growth, send me a message.


Mike Flache

Topics and goals can be, for example:

Achieve high added value quickly with investments

Software, IT infrastructure, data, or team capabilities? Which factors are decisive for the digital growth of your B2B business? And which order is crucial to optimize value creation and ROI for all stakeholders?

Gain valuable insights into hybrid purchasing decisions

73% of B2B buyers* report that buying through e-commerce, web direct, or marketplaces is very convenient. An essential reason for your company to better understand hybrid purchasing processes in depth.

* Source: Forrester

Identify relevant growth drivers in a global context

What growth drivers exist? What influence do global trends have? And which of them add value to your B2B business model?

Harmonize heterogeneous sales organizations faster

Markets, customers, teams, and tasks — sales is one thing above all: diverse. Which factors are decisive in digital or rather hybrid sales? How do you engage all stakeholders to increase deal close rates?

How marketing can add business value to the company

Acceptance that marketing adds business value is muted. How can you change that? And sustainably improve both the standing and the results within the organization?

Stagnation means regression

Core Legacy Business vs. New Digital Business
Incumbent companies have to run today’s core business, while simultaneously preparing for its disruption

Mike has worked with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, startups, and technology vendors

BMC Software
Mercedes-Benz Cars
Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Huawei Technologies
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Digital Sales Lab
Dynaprog AG
Speed Kit

Recognized thought leader


Onalytica’s analysts named Mike one of the top-10 global thought leaders in digital transformation

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Mike Flache

Once a week, I send out an email with insights into digital growth. It is written for doers and leaders. And it is read by entrepreneurs, shareholders, and executives, including Fortune 500 CEOs.