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New Series: What Is the Key to Digital Growth?

New Series – What is the key to digital growth?

Is there a key to driving digital growth? Especially in 2021, is that even possible?

I have heard these and many other questions over the past few months. Reason enough for me to draw a conclusion and give answers.

Before we go into the individual “skills” in the following posts in this series, it is first necessary to create a common understanding of digital growth. Because in my conversations I noticed one point again and again:

We are talking about the same topic, but by this we mean very different things.

In more than half of my conversations it became clear that the term “digital growth” was equated with marketing and sales activities via digital channels.

That jumped too short. And a major reason why the majority of the initiatives fall well short of expectations. Because it is much easier: generate sales from digital sources.

I know that sounds like a truism!

But that is precisely why it is so important to create more clarity at this point.

If companies fail to convert their investments in digital transformation into concrete company results, then the frustration on all sides is great. And future viability is at stake.

I hope that my insights and stories in this series will be helpful to you.

Cover image: Austin Distel on Unsplash

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