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Morning Chat with CDTO Edwin Diender from Shenzhen

Morning chat between Edwin Diender and Mike Flache

At the beginning of this week, I exchanged ideas with 艾德文 – Edwin Diender from Shenzhen about value creation and digital growth — topics that are still on the agenda in 2021.

According to an Everest Group study, over 70% of companies fail to create any business value. This situation can be frustrating. There is often a lack of time and money to continue on the trial-and-error principle.

It is more important than ever this year to think and act in specific business cases to create significant added value for all stakeholders.

What sounds so logical is by far (unfortunately) not a matter of course.

Too many discussions across the board are still conducted on an abstract level. The full potential for added value is only roughly visible. Investments are made in the wrong place and are completely absent.

If we conduct the dialog more specifically and think and act in terms of concrete value creation and business models, the entire management group can agree on the economic results. And enable their teams to drive digital growth.

Hello, I’m Mike Flache — an entrepreneur, business angel, and philanthropist. Together with talented teams, I build and scale digital businesses worldwide. On this blog, I share my opinion on digital growth. I also write a digital growth letter that is read by leaders and doers, including Fortune 500 CEOs.