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How “Stragglers” in Digital Transformation Can Solve the Challenge?

How “stragglers” in digital transformation can solve the challenge?

A CEO of a medium-sized industrial company recently asked me this question in one of our last coaching calls.

Sure, there is no generic advice, but an essential core idea: Tackle digitalization, but then for real!

Nonetheless, the “implementation brakes” in everyday business are numerous. At one point it may be a customer who places an urgent order at short notice. Another time there is a bottleneck in resources. And last but not least, it can happen that somebody just doesn’t really know where and how to start.


… even if these reasons exist, those who wait too long will have a much more difficult time later. They have to catch up with the competitors that are already ahead of them. This can be really expensive. On the other hand, the best people are already employed elsewhere. The “War for Talents” is already a reality in many industries.

See the big picture. The subprojects implemented quickly and easily. With true Silicon Valley mentality: Fast feedback from all sides – from employees, customers and partners – to develop the best products and services and to successfully establish digital business models.

Cover image: Antonio Gabriel on Unsplash

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