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Multiple sites.
Mobile staff teams.
Different devices.
Modern co-working concepts.

Above all, the workplace of the future must be:


Such was the simple conclusion of my discussion with Carsten Unnerstall and Michael Kurz of tocario.

As simple as this conclusion may sound: it is a tough one to implement. In addition to future-oriented company guidelines and a clear framework based on labor law, a stable and cloud-based technological foundation is a fundamental requirement.

Small and medium-sized companies with up to 100 employees particularly struggle to fulfil this need. Large, renowned providers such as VMware or Citrix only tend to offer their solutions to companies with no fewer than several hundred employees.

I was all the more intrigued by the solution Carsten and Michael showed me during our last meeting. For two reasons:

Desktop as a Service is (finally) available for end users from the first workstation

Imagine a handful of employees or even a freelancer using Desktop as a Service. This used to be wishful thinking. Finally, even the smallest companies and the self-employed get to take advantage of a virtual workspace with all its benefits.

I am especially excited about the concept of upscaling and downscaling the virtual desktop easily. In my view, this constitutes genuine added value in terms of the benefit-cost ratio, especially for companies with a highly dynamic volume of work.

I am thinking about providers of training courses with varying numbers of participants or consultancy firms with project peaks, for instance.

New market opportunities for external IT service providers. Simplified establishment and operation for in-house departments.

Offering virtual desktop solutions to SME clients is a fairly unattractive option for many IT service providers. The cost-income ratio of such a business relationship tends to be economically unviable.

The same applies to in-house service providers connecting district offices and small branch offices with fewer than 100 employees.

I think that tocario has the right idea in offering a solution for both cases.

On the one hand, external providers get an opportunity to address new and previously unattractive market segments. On the other hand, in-house departments can establish small organizational units more easily and operate them profitably.

All in all a sound idea.

By the way…

Our meeting was quite flexible: we promptly swapped the office for a café. Just the right working environment for using a virtual desktop in day-to-day business.

And it was fun indeed 😉

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