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Feedback Session

Making Digital Growth Efficient and Profitable in Times of Crisis

Gain clarity and get support in a one-on-one video call

30-minute video call

75% of growth activity falls short of expectations.* In the video call, we focus on solutions to your most pressing challenges. We’ll discuss what you’re already doing well and where there’s significant potential for improvement.

* Source: Forrester Research

What to expect

  • Answers to your individual questions
  • Growth challenges you should be prepared for (and how to overcome them)
  • Tips to optimize your sales efficiency
  • Key factors for profitable growth
  • Insights into global trends
  • 3 action steps to get started right away
Video call with Mike Flache on digital growth

This one-on-one video call is for you if...

You're looking for advice

You want to realize digital growth, but you're not sure how to start. Or you're ready to take your growth to the next level and you're wondering which actions will have the biggest impact.

You'd like new impulses

Your business has stalled and needs new growth impetus. Or the ratio of effort and result in your sales team is not optimal and you're looking for ways to increase sales efficiency.

You'd like a professional opinion

You believe your brand, business, or yourself would benefit from a qualified opinion. Or you're looking for constructive feedback on your digital growth strategy.

Your interlocutor Mike Flache

"One of the world's most influential experts in digital transformation"

— Global Excellence Awards

Mike Flache is an advisor and mentor, former entrepreneur and angel investor. Together with talented teams, he builds digital businesses worldwide. Onalytica’s analysts named him one of the top-10 global thought leaders in digital transformation.

Mike helps high-tech innovators in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia grow and scale. He is also a partner of Fortune 500 companies and technology vendors. Over the years, Mike has worked with executives from companies such as the Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Google, Amazon, Huawei, Fundment, and Mercedes-Benz.

Mike Flache

Get serious about digital growth

Make digital growth efficient and profitable to take your business to a new level.

Making digital growth efficient and profitable in times of crisis

Inquire your one-on-one video call with Mike Flache

Did you know?
Mike Flache

Once a week, I send out an email with insights into digital growth. It is written for doers and leaders. And it is read by entrepreneurs, shareholders, and executives, including Fortune 500 CEOs.