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Interview on Tech4Good and TrackAI with Marta Ortín, lead engineer and co-founder of DIVE-Medical

Can technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), improve people’s lives? The answer is: Yes, it can.

It was a great pleasure to meet Marta Ortín, lead engineer and co-founder of DIVE Medical in Zaragoza, Spain. In an interview we talked about her vision, entrepreneurship and the opportunities that digital growth offers.

DIVE is a digital medical device that provides a fast and accurate exploration of the visual function in non-collaborative patients. It is specially designed to help pediatric ophthalmologists and pediatricians explore vision in children, including infants from six months of age and children with developmental issues. Using eye tracking technology, it provides an accurate, objective, and fast visual assessment to enable early diagnosis and treatment.

With TrackAI, DIVE-Medical is pursuing a clear goal: No visually impaired children undiagnosed in the world.

I will continue to report on the topic in the coming weeks.

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