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Digital Transformation in 2020

Mike Flache and Antonio Grasso, CEO of DBI talk about growth opportunities driven by digital transformation

Digital transformation in 2020 – last year, many companies asked exactly what digital transformation really is. Together with Antonio Grasso, B2B tech influencer, digital transformation advisor and CEO of DBI Italy, I exchanged views on an answer to this question.

Sure, there is no general answer here. The starting situations in the companies are too different for this. However, one thing can be said: it depends on the scope of the ambition, the skill of the leadership, and the ultimate degree of business impact.

Unfortunately, many digital initiatives are still focused on quick problem solving. However, this fact stands in the way of a real business transformation, especially for companies from traditional industries. It makes more sense to take a step back at the start of new projects to ensure they deliver maximum value.

I look forward to deepening the dialog on various key topics and sharing the results here.

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