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Digital Sales in Medium-Sized Companies

The investment in digital skills, technologies and enabling accelerators will ensure that businesses are more competitive and productive

The sales department in medium-sized companies is still characterized by analog processes. Especially when SMEs come from traditional industries. But why is that? After all, the advantages of digital sales are obvious, including strong KPIs.

As a guest at sales conferences in small and large companies, I keep finding that clichés and prejudices persist. Arguments from the sales teams such as “Additional leads? I already have enough customers” or “I don’t have the time to do digital sales” also give me one or two gray hairs.

It often turns out that sales teams are not afraid of new customers (then everyone in this department would certainly be in the wrong place), but “fear” of additional tasks and more work shapes this negative attitude.

In conversations it quickly becomes clear:

  • The prejudices arise mainly from a lack of knowledge and
  • Not everyone knows how digital sales work properly and how they can be easily implemented in day-to-day business

If you are looking for new impulses for your sales department, feel free to write me a message.

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