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Davos 2022 Showed How Strongly Technology Shapes the Topics of This Year’s Event

World Economic Forum in Davos

Davos 2022 is over and with it one of the most important indicators of the global economic situation.

Quite apart from the fact that it took place in person again this year, the global challenges were and are anything but easy. The impact of war in Ukraine, inflation, and public-market turmoil are some of the many reasons.

Davos 2022 has shown how important digitally-savvy leadership is in our organizations to ensure sustainability and value creation for people, businesses, and the environment.

Regardless of my key takeaway, Davos showed how strongly technology shapes the topics of the event:

For example, Jean-Philippe Courtois and Dr. François Bonnici highlight in their contribution “how digital tech can turbo-charge the social economy.”

Elsewhere, Jim Hagemann Snabe emphasizes that “strong leadership by the business community is necessary to ensure that technology is used in a responsible and sustainable way.”

In the end, technology was of course also about the hotly debated metaverse, especially about how to make it and its possibilities.

In my opinion, it is definitely worth taking a look at the agenda.

Mike Flache

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