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Cloud Innovation Is the Most Important Driver to Enable Digital Growth

Weekly Key Takeaway #48

Business and web interface based on cloud computing

Forward-thinking organizations are reinventing themselves with the goal of driving new digital business growth. Their savvy leaders and teams build technology-enabled business models that are the foundation of that growth. Without cloud innovation, many of these success stories would never have been written.

To give you a specific number as an example: the growth of public cloud services in the Asia-Pacific region increased by over 38 percent to US$ 36.4 billion in 2020, according to a market study by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

With this in mind, I was of course curious to see what awaits me at the AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas this week — the conference for the industry’s top IT execs and technical decision-makers.

I was impressed by two strategic thrusts from AWS:

  • Simplifying machine learning to prepare and gather data and expand it to a broader audience
  • Pushing the boundaries of simulations, quantum tech, and beyond

Of course, these complex topics cannot be summarized in one simple post. Therefore, I will publish a corresponding expert article on this in the coming days.

In summary, however, one thing can already be said:

Organizations worldwide will continue to accelerate their digital transformation agenda. Against this background, future-oriented CIOs and CTOs will have a unique opportunity to continue to influence the digital growth strategies of their companies in a positive and sustainable manner.

To succeed, these companies need strong and experienced innovation partners in order to derive the maximum added value for all stakeholders from their engagement AND their investment.

Mike Flache

P.S. Together with talented teams, I build digital businesses worldwide. If you would like to exchange ideas about digital growth, feel free to contact me.

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