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An Approach to Team Leadership in the Era of Digital Growth

Modern leaders are enablers and socializers. They inspire, they are open towards opinions and views from all stakeholders, and they lead with a great deal of authenticity.

How can we take a modern approach to team leadership in our era of digital growth?

In its essence, the notion of “leadership” remains largely unchanged: it means inspiring, motivating and supporting a team on its way to a common goal.

The WHAT, then, has barely changed.

The HOW, on the other hand, is barely recognizable.

Professionalism and a laid-back attitude are not mutually exclusive. Kindness does not equal weakness. And not only does enthusiasm for genuine cooperation lead to a very special team spirit, it also produces excellent results.

Questioning your own leadership strategy is a worthwhile endeavor. After all, one thing has not changed in our digital age: the necessity of winning over the best talents and keeping them around.

Hello, I’m Mike Flache — an entrepreneur, business angel, and philanthropist. Together with talented teams, I build and transform digital businesses worldwide. On my website, you’ll find insights and stories involving digital growth. I also write a weekly CEO letter that is read by entrepreneurs and business leaders, including Fortune 500 CEOs.